A 10 point checklist to improve your cold email deliverability

A 10 point checklist to improve your cold email deliverability.png

A 10 point checklist to improve your cold email deliverability

1. Target the right prospects. It is always a bad idea to pull a list of 1000 emails and send them a completely generic email with no targeting or personalization.

2. Make it easy for the prospects to opt out. Provide unsubscribe links at the top/ bottom of your emails. The prospect can quickly and painlessly opt out without having to mark you as spam.

3. Maintain a consistent volume. Start with a small volume of 40-50 emails and warm up your reputation over a period of time. Also, send consistent volumes of email every day.

4. Use email automation carefully. If you are using an outbound sales automation software to send mail merges or cadences, set a reasonable interval between emails. Sending 100 emails in a minute is a signal that you may be a bulk emailer.

5. Minimize bounces. The more bounces you get, the more your email id reputation suffers. Use email verification services like Briteverify or Findthatlead.

6. Keep track of your email reputation. Use a tool like Sender Score by Return Path to keep track of whether your domain/ IP’s reputation is moving up or down over a period of time.

7. Setup your email infrastructure properly. If you are setting up an SMTP server on dedicated IP using a service provider then you need to add the appropriate SPF records and DKIM records and verify ownership of your domain.

8. Avoid short URLs. In general short URLs and any form of a link, tracking tends to have an impact when your recipient has advanced spam filters.

9. Don’t add any attachments. Attachments usually have a negative impact on deliverability. So it would be a good idea to provide the link to the attachment in your first mail.

10. No exclamation points !!!! , CAPS, multiple colors, too much HTML etc. These are all indicators that this might be a spam email. Use a tool like Mail-tester to check if your template looks spammy.

Any other points to improve cold email deliverability?

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