17 Employee Engagement Activities That Each Take Less Than 5 Minutes Per Week

17 Employee Engagement Activities That Each Take Less Than 5 Minutes Per Week

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You don’t have to be Apple, Bain & Company or Southwest Airlines to have highly

engaged employees, but you can take some of their practices and tweak them to work for your company.

Below you’ll find a list of employee engagement activities that each take no longer than 5 minutes per week to implement with your team.

We recommend choosing the top 2 or 3 that appeal to you and starting there. The trick with engaging employees is that it should feel natural – not forced, so start slowly and as they start to respond positively to these activities, you can both add more activities AND increase the time the team spends on those activities.

Simple Employee Engagement Activities

#1 – At the end of every company meeting, spend 5-10 minutes asking for suggestions to improve how you do things as a team or company.

#2 – Host a monthly lunch or dinner with your team and let THEM choose which restaurant to go to.

3 – Reward your team for performance, not tenure. This shows you’re focused on results, not how long someone has been a part of your team.

#4 – Involve husbands, wives, partners, and kids of everyone on your team. One of the best ways to do this is with a quarterly or annual team picnic.

#5 – Talk about more than work with everyone on your team. Ask about (and genuinely care about) what’s going on in their life outside of work.

#6 – Share stories about how you got to where you are, with your team. They want to know the real you, not the “work” version you might be portraying.

#7 – Give your team a way to constantly improve their skills. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set up an Amazon.com account which anyone can use to purchase Kindle eBooks.

#8 – Hold an annual awards night. Everyone can get dressed up and who doesn’t like to win an award?

#9 – Ask your team what you can do better as their manager to make their jobs easier. You’ll be surprised at how a few small changes can transform the productivity and happiness of your team.

#10 – Connect your team to your customers. One of the best ways to do this is to host a “fireside chat” with a customer each month. Ask them about their business, how they use your products, what they like about it and why, etc.

#11 – Involve your team in the hiring process. Great managers let their team veto new employees if they don’t feel they’ll be a good cultural fit. Do the same.

#12 – Don’t focus on 9-to-5 work hours. Some people work better early in the mornings and some later. Countless research has proven that forcing employees to work 9 to 5 “just because” can reduce their engagement. Be flexible here.

#13 – Thank someone on your team every day. No matter how small, it will make their day. The simple things matter.

#14 – Hold open office hours, where anyone in your team can see you for an informal chat, to ask questions, etc.

#15 – Stock your office kitchen with healthier snacks and drinks such as protein bars and coconut water. High-sugar foods and beverages can lead to “mood crashes” which can make it hard for people to focus throughout the day.

#16 – Celebrate personal wins with your team. Someone recently married? New baby? Big life event or milestone? Make a big deal about it with your team.

#17 – Care. Nothing will engage your employees more than them knowing you genuinely care about them and have their wellbeing as your number one priority.

#18 – Bonus: Ask your employees for regular feedback with employee engagement surveys using a product like Fieldboom. You’ll be amazed at the insights you’ll receive if you simply just ask.

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