10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Date a Salesperson

Dating in the modern world is a bit different than it used to be. Tinder, Plenty of Fish and other technology makes finding a date as easy as using a smartphone app. Working in sales can also be simplified with Spiro’s sales automation CRM, a personal sales assistant for your smartphone that helps you close more business!

But while Spiro can help you decide which prospect you should call, it can’t help you pick your next boyfriend or girlfriend – that’s up to you. And if you’re taking applications for a mate, here are ten reasons why you should pick someone who works in sales:

1. Listening skills

The best salespeople know that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listening is a skillthat the best salespeople have developed and embraced, and who wouldn’t love to date someone who is a great listener?

2. Job security

While some sales jobs may have a high turnover rate, salespeople can get jobs just about easier than anyone else out there. Every company has a sales force, and salespeople are always in demand, with a transferrable set of skills that can bring home the bacon.

3. Thick skin

Constantly dealing with rejection gives salespeople some pretty thick skin, and the ability to tolerate criticism. You can date a salesperson without having to worry about them taking offense to every little thing, or being overly sensitive for no reason.

4. Compromise

Putting together a deal takes compromise, and the ability to empathize with a customer’s needs. This can be a great quality in a mate, since lasting relationships take work and compromise, not just pushing your own agenda on the person you’re with.

5. They can be high earners

Not all salespeople make a lot of money, but many do. Sales is a unique profession in which your income is determined by your efforts, which allows hard workers to make hundreds of thousands of dollars without having to get an advanced degree.

6. No games

Salespeople spend their days chasing clients, so when they’re dating, the last thing in the world they want to do is play games and chase someone around. They want someone who will actually call them back when they say they’re going to, unlike their prospects at work.

7. There is a lot to pick from

The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) estimates the number of salespeople in the United States at over 13 million. This means that the potential dating pool of salespeople is enormous, and who wouldn’t want more options in their love life?

8. Personality

Unlike engineers or scientists, salespeople almost always have pleasant personalities and excellent communication skills, something most people say they look for in a significant other. If you’re looking for someone dull, stay away from almost anyone who works in sales.

9. They don’t have time to cheat

We can’t go as far as saying that unlike every other profession salespeople never cheat, but they’re likely to have less time to do it than many other professions. Salespeople work long, and strange hours to make things happen, so when they say they’re stuck late at the office, they’re probably telling you the truth.

10. They can make you feel better

All salespeople are taught to create value for their customers, and the best sales reps not only create value, they create trust in prospects, and know how to make their clients feel better. If you’re stressed out or coming home from a long day at work, there’s no doubt that if anyone can cheer you up and make you feel better about things, it’ll be a salesperson.


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