How Advertisers Can Leverage 1st Party Data and Digital Marketing Services to Grow their Clientele.

How Advertisers Can Leverage 1st Party Data and Digital Marketing Services to Grow their Clientele.

By Jonathan Muzio

With Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon in the news for surreptitiously using and selling their user’s data, we as digital marketers and consumers, may have become wary and concerned about how the data is being used. The 1st party data that is owned and harvested by local advertisers can be used to power their own direct marketing campaigns to customers they already know. I am going to discuss some digital marketing tactics that can be achieved by leveraging the use of 1st party data in order to market to a known audience.

For local business owners, the importance of setting up a mechanism to collect customer’s personal information is paramount to being able to market offers/services directly to that customer. This can be done through transactions, contests and giveaways, downloads on a website, signups for a newsletter, etc. Below are the data that every advertiser should try to capture…

  • The customer’s name
  • Their email address
  • Their physical mailing address
  • Their phone number

Typically, business owners would use their email platforms to craft a specific offer or service they’d like to promote and deploy that email to their database. However, savvy advertisers are beginning to leverage other platforms to reach new consumers.

Some of these platforms and new tactics include…

  • Facebook – business owners can create a custom audience campaign to target matched profiles with paid Facebook ads.
  • Online and offline data – re-engage current and lookalike customers across Google Search, Shopping, Gmail, and YouTube.
  • Device ID (DID): match DIDs to a physical address database and deliver ads directly to those devices no matter where they are in the universe.
  • Customer/subscriber data – audience development initiatives and to promote events.

As a result, we have seen a huge increase in ROI by leveraging 1st party data that has been harvested through all these customer touch points. SMBs and local media organization can then build marketing strategies based on these well-maintained customer information databases.


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