“If You Can Not Earn Trust of Your People, Nothing Else Will Matter.” Peter Drucker

“Leadership is an achievement of trust.” Peter Drucker

Trust is the most elusive concept in the modern world.

Trust is not a word.

Trust is how you treat people, it is your attitude, it is your character.

To get that trust we have to

  • make people’s problems our own
  • empower and trust them
  • allow them to voice their opinions without repercussions
  • never deceive them
  • never disbelieve them
  • never punish for mistakes
  • take real risks on their behalf
  • be brave and not run for cover when they need us most

“Oleg, I saw your post about trusting people to work from home. My boss does not trust me to do it. Can you write something in one of your blogs that I can show him ?”

If your boss does not trust his people, it does not matter where they work. Where trust is missing, productivity is terrible. And with trust, productivity is great, no matter where people work – numerous studies have shown this.

To earn your trust, he first must learn to trust you.

Would you agree with this?


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