5 Digital Branding Methods for Generating Business Leads

5 Digital Branding Methods for Generating Business Leads
by Juntae DeLane

5 Digital Branding Methods for Generating Business Leads

1. Tap into LinkedIn Groups and Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn is a valuable lead generation tool. Since LinkedIn caters to business professionals, the platform is especially useful if you conduct any business-to-business transactions.

A great way to use LinkedIn for lead generation is to join or create a group that draws your target audience and actively participate. Engage with the group by offering helpful tips, infographics or any other valuable content that will draw leads to your website.

Join a Group

If you plan to generate leads by joining a group, your contributions to the group must be valuable. To convert members to leads, you must first position yourself as an authority by providing valuable information. You establish your authority so every time you speak, people will listen and group members will seek your expertise.

Create a Group

You can take your LinkedIn strategy a step further by creating your own group.  If you sell products to marketers, you could create a group for marketers. Conduct research to find and invite the right people to your group. You want to invite people who will enhance the value your group provides to members. As you begin to engage with your group, you will generate business leads from that group engagement.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

If you have the budget to run ads on LinkedIn, you can leverage LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. With LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, if someone clicks the ad for your sponsored content, they’re taken to a prepopulated form. This reduces a barrier to conversion by eliminating the need to fill out multiple form fields.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms also make it easy for you to manage your leads and track ROI. You can download lead information lists as well as sync your leads with their marketing automation and CRM partners. You can also measure the value you are getting with the reporting tools in LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

2. Attract Leads on Twitter

Twitter can be used for more than consuming breaking news and following celebrity feuds. You can generate leads for your business on Twitter by creating a contest or sweepstakes and promoting your giveaway to your following.

Your Bio is Prime Real Estate

Place a call-to-action for your contest in your bio. Your Twitter bio is usually the initial step for potential followers visiting your profile for the first time.

DBI Tip: Try replacing your website URL with a landing page URL for your contest or sweepstakes

Offer an Incentive

A great process to generate leads is to offer an email-gated incentive in a tweet and include a URL in the tweet that directs users to your landing page. That means, for someone to collect your incentive, they would have to enter their email on the landing page. Lead captured!

DBI Tip: Boost your reach through advertising. Promote the tweet that contains your offer.

3. Use Specific and Local Targeting

One strategy for targeting for locals is to research industry and local events and join the conversations around those events to attract potential leads.

Today, most events have hashtags. Find relevant events and include the corresponding hashtag in some of your social communication. This will allow you to be discovered by individuals following the conversation around the local event hashtag.

Local Search

You can also generate leads to local targeting. For example, if you have a consultancy in Arizona, you will have lesser SEO and PPC competition and can generate more targeted leads by optimizing your site for users in Arizona. Focus on your region with your advertisements and tailor the language for locals in any geo-targeted communication.

4. Make an Irresistible Offer

Create carrot content for your audience. Just like dangling a carrot in front of someone’s face, your offer is right there. They can’t resist it.

Create offers like free reports, eBooks, or checklists. These are all types of content people can download. We are in a freemium society where people almost expect it. And because there’s so much free stuff out there, your free content has to be valuable.

5. Start Building Partnerships

With partnerships, you’re able to co-market your products, your services or anything that you offer. Generate leads by teaming up with another brand to cross-promote.

Think about brands that can complement your offering. For example, if you are a business consultant, you can cross-promote your services with a corporate attorney or legal advisor.

Not only do you benefit from access to your partner’s audience, but your partner also increases your brand’s credibility with their following.

If a respected company recommends another company that compliments their services, their audience is more likely to consider the recommendation. This added trust factor results in an increase in the leads that you can generate.

What’s your favorite lead generation method? Did it make the list? Let me know in the comments.


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