5 tips for an effective Landing Page

If you’re a marketer, author or a small business owner – collecting subscribers and nurturing good relationships with them should always be on your mind. More subscribers eventually translate to more customers and higher returns.

There’s little surprise that a Landing page and a signup form attached to it are one of the most effective tools for collecting subscribers. Contrary to a website, which normally contains lots of distractions, a landing page focuses visitors’ attention to the clear-cut offer and encourages them to act on the spot.

In this post, you will find 5 important tips for creating an effective landing page.

No Distractions!

Landing Page ExampleAs soon as your visitors are on your Landing Page – you don’t want them to leave. You want to keep them there till they complete your desired action.

This means you need to remove all distractive links or articles that might divert them from your goal. Remember, this is not a website and you don’t need to put everything you have there.

Basically, your Landing page should only consist of 4-5 key elements:

    • Headline
    • A description of your offer and its value/benefits
    • A supporting image or video
    • Subscription form
    • Optional supporting elements (sub-headline, testimonials, video, timer, etc.)

Efficient Headline

Landing Page exampleYou have visitors looking at your landing page. Well done!

Next, you want them to read your Headline. Assuming they find and read it, your visitors are going to make a split-second decision whether they want to see more.

Make sure to spend a lot of time crafting the headline words to perfection. People tend to read it 5 times more than body text.

You want the headline to be clearrelevant and informative about what your site or product does. Or even better – how a visitor can benefit from it.

If people glanced at your headline and are still scratching their heads thinking what on Earth is this all about, they will be much less inclined to convert.

A clear yet informative call-to-action put it bluntly, a Call To Action is what you want your visitors to do. It sounds very simple, yet a good CTA requires creativity.

You want it to be clearly visibleenticing and button-shaped. Don’t make your visitors search for it.

Consider the color of it. Does it match with your intention? Psychologists agree that colors are a big part of marketing and should be used with consideration. Here are some examples:

  • Yellow is associated with optimism, clarity, and warmth.
  • Orange is friendly and cheerful.
  • Red is exciting and bold.
  • Blue is associated with trust and strength.
  • Green means peaceful and healthy.
  • White is balanced and calm.

Here’s an example study showing that a change of CTA color can result in a 21% conversion boost.

Another important point is the wording of it. You clearly want the CTA to be something more interesting than a plain “Submit”. Who would want to submit to anything? I wouldn’t.

Instead, use such phrases like “Get The Book”, “Subscribe to my  newsletter, “Yes, send it NOW!”

Neat & Tidy Design

Landing Page exampleSmart design is probably as important as the content. Visuals done right can increase your sales significantly.

Clean design keeps visitors focused on your call to action, while bigger fonts make it easy to read and quickly grasp what your site or product is about.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t avoid bullet points – these are quicker to skim through than having a big chunk of text.

Make it easy to convert

Landing Page exampleLet’s be honest – in general, people are lazy. This is especially true with the subscription form on your Landing Page.

Make it complicated and long – your potential subscribers’ interest will gradually fade away with every field they need to fill in. Heck, they might not even bother at all if they see an intimidating form!

The fewer fields your form has – the higher the conversion. It’s simple as that.

But what if you need to collect more information? That’s fine. However, in general, you should only ask for the information that you really need. Not more.

Which headline worked best for you? How many fields are you using in a subscription form? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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