5 Killer Ways SMS Texting Helps Sales Sell More

Ninety-five percent of Americans own a cell phone. Globally, more than 7 billion people have a mobile phone, thus giving them access to SMS messaging. Because of the huge potential behind text messaging, sales teams across industries are trying to make the most of it. But you need to have a proper strategy in place for SMS texting to help Sales sell more.Your customers may have opted-in to your mobile messaging program because of your interesting offers, information, discounts, and coupons. You may also have integrated text messaging within your CRM to keep records of your conversations and understand your sales pipeline. But how do you finally make that sale?

Use SMS Texting to Shorten Time-to-Revenue

Text messaging is the missing channel in your Sales communications stack. Use it to drive relevant conversations with your prospects to increase urgency and build trust that speeds purchase decisions.

1. One-to-One conversations:

It shouldn’t be surprising that 76% of consumers expect a salesperson to focus on their individual needs instead of their solutions. Instead of sending an email to “check-in” with prospects, imagine establishing an active 1:1 conversation. SMS texting has the potential to be much more personal, enabling your sales team to establish your position of a trusted advisor.

A follow-up to a mortgage inquiry:

Hi Joe, You asked about pre-qualifying during our call. Here’s the info we’ll need [insert link] Let me know if you’d like to discuss – Steve, ABC Bank

2. Personalized and Relevant interactions:

Buyers do their homework; 82% of buyers view at least 5 pieces of content from the winning vendor. The salesperson can share relevant content over specific intervals of time to engage the lead and drive him towards closure.

Continuous, helpful follow-up:

Hi Bob, thanks for attending the demo yesterday. You wanted to know use cases specific to your domain. Here’s the link xyz.com/nmk. Thanks, Susan.
Hi Bob, Here’s a link to an ROI calculator so you can see the real value of XYZ solution for your business [insert link] Thanks, Susan

3. Marketing and Sales alignment:

Companies become 67% better at closing deals when marketing and sales are in sync. After the monthly newsletter has been sent by marketing, salespeople receive notifications about the content viewed by their leads. A salesperson can use this opportunity to touch base.

Text to engage based on activity:

Hey Jimmy! Do you have any questions about the latest software implementation trends in SaaS companies? Let me know — Sara

4. Smooth integration of SMS texting in your overall Sales strategy

Sending three or more purposeful text messages after contact has been made with a prospect can increase conversion[4] rates by 3X. You can intelligently weave SMS into your sales process to drive faster decisions by prospects.

Text after a meeting:

Hi Bob, Here’s the case study on lead optimization that you requested during our meeting. We can do a similar implementation for you. [insert link] – Dave

Staying in touch by providing relevant industry information can also be a strategic play to strengthen prospect relationships:

Hi Bob, I saw this article on lead management and routing that reveals some exciting new trends for predictive scoring. Thought you’d like it [insert link] – Dave

5. Clear messaging conveying a sense of urgency

Let’s accept it. You are using multiple communication channels to shorten your sales cycle. Texting shows that you have an important piece of information that you want the person to receive right away. For the receiver to give your message it’s due, ensure that your message is clear and conveys a sense of urgency.

Text to convert:

Hi Jenny, the 20% discount on our software ends this week. If you buy now, you’ll get free installation and training. Let’s discuss over a call. – Jane

By texting prospects during your sales process, you’re 40%[5] more likely to convert them into clients. But the content, timing, and the number of texts should be dictated by actions taken by the prospect. In fact, a timely and relevant text message can make an undecided customer decide to buy now vs. later – or never. SMS texting helps Sales sell more when it’s strategically applied to your sales process.


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