#1 Sales Objection


by Jason McElhone

“I’m not interested” has tripped up more sales reps than any other objection since the dawn of time.

Reason being there is NO CLARITY.

I don’t have any money, I just had a lousy quarter and I need to talk to my wife all have clarity. You are then able to proceed with something like “I can understand and appreciate how you feel.”

Let’s put an end to the “I’m not interested” stumbling block once and for all. Please allow me to explain the psychology of this amazing rebuttal. “FAIR ENOUGH, HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHY?”

1. FAIR ENOUGH. Standard sales speak that comes at the end of a cold call. Causes the prospect to relax their entire body thinking the conversation is over. Then here comes a Mike Tyson uppercut that rocks their world.

2. HELP ME. Classic damsel in distress that also happens to be primal. 1000s of years ago we depended on each other to survive. Our DNA is wired to say YES when someone asks for help.

3. UNDERSTAND. Everyone who is upset or confused about something wants to be understood. Showing empathy with their concern is critical.

4. WHY. The one word that finally gives you clarity. 75% of the time you will hear the truth.

Now tag your friends so they can utilize the magical powers of… “FAIR ENOUGH, HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHY?”


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