How to Overcome the “I’m not interested” objection

How to Overcome the “I’m not interested” objection.jpg

by Mike Brooks – Mr. Inside Sales

Top sales reps—the ones making the most sales and commissions—know how to handle repeatable selling situations. Instead of ad-libbing, they have learned, internalized, and use best practice responses to the objections and stalls they get over and over again.

Here is an example of the kinds of proven scripts and techniques you’ll learn to handle all the selling situations you and your team face:

If, while prospecting, your prospect tells you, “We wouldn’t be interested,” you can more effectively respond with:

“I’m not interested”

Response #1

“That’s fine _________, and I’m simply calling to update your information for our records. Quick question: Are you still the right contact person who handles ordering the ________ for your company?”

Response #2

“Oh that’s O.K., I’m not calling to sell you anything today. Just want to make sure you still know we’re here in case you do need something down the road. By the way, do you guys still carry/use/order ________?”

Response #3

“I get that all the time, and just know that the only reason I’m calling is to introduce myself as your contact should you ever need to check pricing or availability on an item. Quick question: are you still the right contact for _________?”

Response #4

“No problem _________. I’ll simply email you my contact information in case you ever do need anything, and then I’ll get out of your hair. By the way, would you be the best person to email this to, or is there someone else who is handling ________ now?”

Response #5

“That’s no problem at all – quick question: is it that you don’t need anything just now, or do you even order/carry/use ________ anymore at all?”

[“We do order, we just don’t need any now”]

“Great. When you are in the market again, could I be one of the vendors/suppliers/sources you go to for a quote?”

Response #6

“Quick question: Does that mean you’re not interested at this moment, but in a few months things could change, and I should keep in touch?”

“When should I check back with you?”

[If given a date]

“Great. So I can be more prepared for that, quick question: are you the right contact for this?” (Then add other qualifying questions)

Response #7

“If you were to be interested, what is the typical (volume, amount, frequency, etc.) that you normally order/use/need?”

[If they tell you]

“And who do you normally get that from?”

Response #8

“When was the last time you were interested in something like this?”

Response #9

“And what would have to change for you to be more open to something like this in the future?”

Response #10

“Should I lose your number or put you on a 6-month follow up call?” (Say with a BIG smile!)

[If call back in 6 months]

“Great. What should I keep an eye out for in-between then?”

Regardless of your product or service, I’m sure you can adopt one of these 10 proven responses to deal with the “I’m not interested” blow off.



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