Your task as a mentor is to help someone recognize and bring out the talent and skills they have that they’re not even aware of.

Your task as a mentor is to help someone recognize and bring out the talent and skills they have that they’re not even aware of.


by Scott D.

If you’re a leader within an organization – stop and think.

Are you doing the best to build and grow your team OR are you just holding them accountable to their targets or KPI’s?

Are you concerned about them gaining skills, education and finding a new career somewhere else?

“What if I train them and they leave?” “What if you don’t and they stay?” – W. Edwards Deming

It’s a sad reality that many leaders, regardless of business unit or industry are fine with managing, but struggle with leading.

True leaders and mentorship require working with employees through decision, problem-solving and professional development.

Very few leaders are equipped with the proper tools to take this challenge on and they default to the defacto “manager”.

Focus on building your team through…

  • An authentic/human connection and personal interest in their growth.
  • The recognition of their strengths increased focus on helping them achieve self-awareness in order for them to acknowledge their weaknesses and areas of opportunity and absolute responsibility to help them access in both areas.
  • Always earning, and never asking or demanding their trust.
  • Understanding, identifying and pushing them to not only achieve their personal goals but for them to understands their limitless abilities and push them to a level of achievement farther than they ever thought possible.

There are many ways in which you can be an incredible leader and mentor to your employees.

Start today by understanding where you fall short as a leader and work on yourself, in order to effectively serve your team – offering them the growth, achievement, and accomplishment, they deserve.

What was your most memorable mentor moment, either as a mentor or as a mentee?



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