Facebook Marketing Tips: 5 Ways To Increase Your Sales This Holiday Season

5 Ways To Increase Your Sales This Holiday Season

by Kevin Urrutia

The holidays are coming, and as an e-commerce business, it should be your goal to make the most out it by leveling up your marketing game. Among the strategies that you can easily boost is Facebook marketing.


Over time, Facebook has grown to be one of today’s most effective channels. With a well-crafted Facebook marketing campaign, you can definitely achieve great feats.

Make the most out of the holidays through these five Facebook marketing tips that can truly help increase your sales:

1. Note important dates on your content calendar

As the holidays take into consideration key dates, all holiday-related marketing strategies should give grave importance to the timeliness, especially with regards to the content. Great timing helps make for great content.

With this, content calendars are very important. Plan the most effective content to release during key dates such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s also a good idea to plan something out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, dates that are especially known to generate some of the highest sales for e-commerce businesses.

The great thing about Facebook is that you can schedule when a post will be published. This helps you ensure that you meet your schedule even if you are out of the office on a holiday break. This gives you the opportunity to create your content early on, rather than at the exact time you need it published.

2. Keep in mind that Facebook is a visual platform

When using Facebook for your marketing needs, you should familiarize yourself with its quirks. Not too long ago, Facebook imposed a 20% text rule where image ads are not allowed to have text that is more than 20% of the image – a testament to the fact that Facebook is indeed a visual platform. However, the rule is more of a positional issue as Facebook used to follow a 25-rectangle grid where what’s taken into consideration is how many of these rectangles contain text, more than how much text there really is.

It is, however, still true that Facebook favors the visual aspect of ads as this is what captures the attention of people. Once successful, then that’s when other aspects of your ads – such as text – can kick in. While Facebook now allows ads with over 20% text to be posted, it will have limited reach.

There is merit in Facebook’s position to limit the textual content of image ads. So make sure you take this into consideration when you advertise here.

3. Produce engaging content

Being engaging is one of the qualities that can help make your campaigns effective. The same is true for marketing on Facebook. You can craft engaging content that can help you effectively tap into your Facebook users’ interests so that your campaigns can have huge sales-generation potential.

Some of the highly-engaging content that you can do on Facebook include holding Facebook contests and giveaways which can also help you gather user-generated content. Not only will doing this help you engage your potential customers, but it will also help improve the trust that first-time customers have for you. Facebook contests may be one of the following:

  • A simple lottery among those who will like a certain post or your page.
  • Sharing photos related to your brand or your products
  • Crafting creative posts using a set hashtag.

You may also come up with other unique engaging activities that have never been done before. Take note that the idea is to improve your relationship with your audience to help bring about better buying behavior towards your brand, a strategy that can definitely help improve your sales.

4. Utilize Facebook features and tools to help spread your message

One of the reasons why Facebook is great for marketing is that it has set a lot of features that aid in coming up with effective campaigns. Some of these tools are really made for marketing, while others were essentially made for personal use, but are later found to be effective as a marketing tool as well. Some of the nifty Facebook features that you should try out are the following:

Facebook Offers

A business may make use of this feature to post offers for Facebook users. This may be in the form of discounts or other promotions. The offers may be usable in-store, online, or both, depending on how you’ll set it. You also have the choice of allowing your offers to be shareable.

Facebook Live

Facebook’s live broadcast has found its way to be an effective marketing tool for businesses. Some of the creative ways to use it include sharing behind-the-scenes, hosting interviews, and being a platform for time-limited events. Facebook has even made the tool more effective by offering a feature that helps you announce a future Facebook Live activity so that you can inform your audience ahead of time to ensure that they will be there when the broadcast starts.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel helps you measure how effective your Facebook campaigns are, by tracking what actions are taken by your audience on your website after they have been directed there by your Facebook campaigns. This equips you with the knowledge of how your campaigns are really delivering, allowing you to craft better campaigns based on the results.

5. Review your data constantly

Finally, make sure that you effectively use the data that Facebook provides. The social networking giant equips you with capabilities to do more effective marketing campaigns through multiple tools that allow you to understand your audience better, as well as how you can reach them in better, too.

One of the most helpful tools that Facebook offers is Page Insights. It can help you gather useful data such as the number of fans that you have reached, number of fans that you have engaged, number of post consumptions, number of link clicks, and level of positive feedback.

These metrics are definitely a lot more helpful than just those based on the number of likes and followers your page earns. But these data are meaningless if you do not do your part to improve them. Understanding this data is just half of the battle – you should take the necessary action.

Make It Big This Holidays Season Through Facebook Marketing

There’s a huge potential this holiday season and you can do make it big by crafting effective Facebook marketing strategies.


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