How to Create Client Engagement


One of the ways to really wow your customers is through one-on-one interaction.

For some, you’ll use technology that helps you automate some of the processes in a personal way, but in others, you’ll need to get physically involved yourself to truly connect and make a difference.

Let’s look at 4 ways you can engage one-on-one…

1. Email

  • Everyone knows about newsletters or email lists. (Yes I hear you saying “Duh, Jennifer!”) You want a personalized email series for each of your freebies, products, and services to automatically go to each customer or subscriber. That’s a given. But, you want to take this one step further by responding to replies. Yes, a simple concept. But often not so easy to do consistently. You must set this to be a Habit to make it happen! (Tiny Habits are key to follow up!)
  • Set up your email so that it takes replies. Don’t use “no-reply” email addresses for any type of email that you send to your customers. This is way too corporate and too impersonal if you truly want to connect on a deep level with your customer.
  • Ask your audience members to respond by hitting a reply, let them know this works. Usually, only a few people are really going to take you up on the offer. But those who do should be treated extra well because they’re your customers. They are the person you want to talk to and learn more from so that you can know your ideal customer even more.

2. Social Media

  • If you’re going to participate in social media, today’s customers want more personal contact with you. After all, it’s called social media, not advertising media. Use a nice picture of you on your profile image. Don’t use a logo. You can put your logo in the page header picture. People will trust you more if they can see who you are.
  • After that, take it a step further and talk directly to people who comment, who are new to your page or group, and say hello. Ask questions, answer questions, start discussions.
  • Be present in your groups – whether you own them or not – if your ideal customers are there, you need to be very personal with them on a regular basis.

3. Website

  • Even on your website, you can communicate with your audience. You can hire customer service agents, but you can also offer office hours live and in-person yourself during the hours you get the most traffic using live chat tools. (FYI in full disclosure, I’ve not tried this tactic yet.)
  • When your ideal customer is on your site is the perfect time to speak to them. Live chat will increase sales, satisfaction, and affect customer retention.
  • Even if you can only do it a few hours a week, it’s going to make a big difference for your audience of one that you’re there. Since at first, it’ll be rare, you can turn on the chat and do other tasks while waiting for the traffic to come to your site. Only a few will want to talk, but it’ll make a huge difference to those who do.

4. Live Events

  • Live events don’t have to be in-person, they can also now be online. You can host webinars, Facebook Lives, YouTube Lives, and more – all from the comfort of your home office. This is a truly effective way to connect with your audience of one.
  • Live in-person events are also very effective marketing strategies because they are so personal. A person who will pay money to attend any event – whether the event is free or not (travel still counts as spending money) – is more likely to be a true customer than people who just browse freely online.

Engaging with your audience through email, social media, your website, or even in person at events is truly effective.

How will you add consistency to your engagement?


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