Why Marketers Struggle with Customer Engagement


Does your marketing team face poor conversion rates and low web engagement? Or struggle to keep your website compliant with data privacy laws?

If so, a new infographic by IDG and Siteimprove has found that you’re not alone.

This infographic explores the hurdles marketers face in delivering a smooth customer web experience, as well as the focus areas for 2020.

HEADER SiteImprove-Digital-Insignts

Key findings include:

One-third of companies report poor data analytics as an issue
38% of companies struggle with low conversion rates
84% of companies say the main purpose of their website is merely to act as a company brochure
19% of respondents say websites are still not GDPR-compliant
64% say well-targeted content is their biggest web optimization challenge
Check out the infographic for bite-sized insights into the state of modern digital marketing and the obstacles to engaging customers.



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