5 Why’s A Buyer Needs Answered

Are you coaching your reps to know the 5 questions prospects need to know the answer to before they buy?

If you are, your reps have a leg up on the competition – without being a mind reader – and sell more at the same time.

But first, what are most sales reps doing instead of answering these 5 questions?

Reps are focusing on what they need to know in order to put a good proposal together.

And therein lies the downfall.

By switching the What’s in it for Me to What’s in it for Them changes the dynamics of the conversation and with the answers to the 5 questions – it has the potential to accelerate the sale.

The 5 Questions Trish Bertuzzi in The Sales Development Playbook: Build Repeatable Pipeline and Accelerate Growth With Inside Sales says prospects ask themselves along the way are:

• Why Listen?
• Why Care?
• Why Change?
• Why You?
• Why Now?

Think about it. Do you need these questions answered before you buy? You bet. And so do your reps prospects.

Add this insight when you coach your reps on sales call preparation and you’re guaranteeing your reps to achieve better sales outcomes.


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