Inside Sales Reps: Be Useful, Not Forceful to Close the Deal

Inside Sales Reps Be Useful, Not Forceful to Close the Deal


Who wants to buy from pushy inside sales reps? Most people would rather purchase a product or service from someone who answers their questions and gives them space to think it over: a helpful, informative individual who tells you all their specials and deals, but doesn’t try to force you into a sale.

The classic hard-sell usually doesn’t work in today’s economy. On the contrary, it can lead to dissatisfaction on the buyer’s end, and drive away possible customers. Today’s decision makers have time to educate themselves before a purchase.

Your prospects don’t want to hear comments like, “If you don’t buy now, the offer is off the table.” This makes the customer put their guard up. Instead, keep the line of conversation open so both parties understand the decision-making process and what you, as an inside sales professional, can do to move the deal along. You want to be assertive, but not aggressive. Let’s take a look at a few positive ways to take the pressure off and still lead your prospects to the sale.

Four Key Ways Inside Sales Reps Can Be Useful to Close the Deal

Actively Listen

People buy from people, not brands. Before you start your spiel of telling your prospect all about your product and how it will benefit them, take the time to listen. Allow your prospect to set the stage for your conversation.

People buy from people, not brands. 


Ask questions that will allow you to learn what is important to them about your product. Having a few questions like this prepared will guide you to what else you need to share. If they’re more budget-conscious or looking for post-purchase support, that will be useful information to find out early. This type of intelligence can give you more ideas on how to close the deal. You’re liable to learn some useful information from your prospective client if you simply listen. Inside sales reps who listen can win more sales.

Be an Educator

By the time you are on the phone with a prospect (unless it’s a cold call), the prospect has likely already researched your company and has a pretty good understanding of your product or service. You must be an expert on your product and know more about it than your buyer. Bonus points for being fully aware of your competitors and how your product(s) outweighs theirs.

Work on getting prospects subscribed to your email list so you can get something in front of their eyes on a regular basis. Your marketing team should have educational content you can share, too. Share eBooks, case studies, interviews, and offer to provide a free demo.

Solve a Problem

Being helpful lets inside sales reps add a sense of connection with the person on the other end of the phone. If you took the time to listen in the beginning, you should already know what problems they’re facing. Creating a solution that involves your product is a win for both sides.

It’s easy to make the sale when you can prove the benefits of the purchase. How much time (i.e. how much money) will they save, how will their lives be easier, how will your product resolve their pain points? These are all questions you want to have answers to so you can present them to your prospective buyers.

Be Passionate

If you honestly believe in what you’re selling, potential clients will hear that in your voice and feel more confident making a purchase from you. Having a personal experience to share about the product as a solution is best, but having client testimonials in your back pocket will help too.

An innate passion for your product will make you the best salesperson you can be. Your passion will drive you to become the expert in your field and help you to attract potential customers.

Closing the Deal

Business is about relationship building. Treat your prospects as you would your friends and be genuine. This brings up another point on why you need to be helpful and not aggressively forceful – everyone’s connected with social media and the Internet. If a prospect experiences a not-so-nice sales process, they will likely retreat to social media to report on it.

Closing the deal can be an amicable process. It doesn’t need to involve pressuring the client and being the crude salesman of days past. In fact, it shouldn’t be that way. Today’s buyer has many options thanks to the global Internet economy. Beat out competitors with your brand commitment, people skills, and teaching capabilities.


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