The Selling Process: Discover 5 branded content success factors

The Selling Process Discover 5 branded content success factors

by Ariel Giusti

1. A product that sells naturally creates a “market fit” marketing product that sells naturally because it solves the unserved needs of the potential advertisers. Most common needs? Branding, video, native and social media. It is essential to integrate all in the same plan in a logical way and with a compelling sales message.

2. Client selection

This is crucial, the very foundation of any sales process. Since we create the product based on client needs, it should be evident what type of clients we can help best. We all know that that higher ticket products/services do better with integrated marketing solutions that involve branded content because those advertisers have:

A. Enough investment capacity
B. Higher need to explain and educate their audience

3. Consultation agenda

So you call and set up an appointment to present a sales pitch? Nope, you won´t go too far with that. Clients do not want sales pitches; clients want help. That is why the meeting is a consultation with a clear agenda that you must send in advance. The agenda should not cover specifics but rather general objectives such us: the objective of the meeting, marketing diagnosis, recommended strategies, action plan, feedback, next steps. Consequently the client values the time he or she will invest in receiving you.

4. Consultation vs. Sales pitch

The concept “sales pitch” is part of the traditional way to sell, where the salesperson pushes the features of the product. The modern salesperson is a marketing consultant that is prepared to do a full marketing consultation in less than 45 minutes (that should be the duration of the consultation unless the client requires more). What do you do during the consultation? Exactly what was promised on the agenda

5. Psychological triggers

The most important contribution that neuroscience has delivered to the sales world is, in my view, psychological triggers. They are tested ways to influence behavior based on the most common brain reactions.

A few examples:

Scarcity and urgency: One leads to the other. This product is not for everyone because our resources are limited.

Need causes pain, and pain causes change: It is imperative to make the client feel some pain, so he/she feels the need to change. Pain causes more change in people’s behaviors than pleasure. For example: without a branded content strategy, you are losing customers online every day and facilitating your competitor’s marketing efforts.

Structure and organization: We all want that in a marketing plan, but few have. The product should include all the necessary help for implementation: planning, producing, publishing and monitoring.


Branded content should be sold as part of a bigger plan that includes branding because branding drives direct internet searches (Google searches with the brand name, not keywords) and direct internet searches drive branded content. The sales process should focus on quality and not quantity with a market fit product and defined implementation steps. Finally, the presentation should not be a sales pitch, the presentation should be a consultation designed to solve client’s unserved marketing needs.



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