How to Sell Reputation Management to Local Businesses

How to Sell Reputation Management to Local Businesses

SiteSwan’s new Reputation Management feature allows you to white label and sells review monitoring and reputation management services to your existing web design clients and other local businesses.
Selling reputation management is a great way to add value to the services you are already offering, differentiate yourself from the competition and generate a new stream of recurring revenue.
Below we outline some of the main steps and tips for effectively selling Reputation Management to local businesses in your area.
Reputation sales flyer
Step 1 – Educate the business about the importance of online reviews.
While most local businesses are familiar with online review sites like Yelp, many SMBs are not aware of how important reputation management actually is and how many online reviews can impact their business.
We created a professionally designed, white-label sales flyer to help you share some key statistics and educate the business about the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation.

This sales flyer is available in the SiteSwan Resource Center and will help make the sales process faster and easier because it will help businesses understand the importance of Reputation Management and the value of the service you are offering.

Reputation managment white label

Step 2 – Generate a FREE, personalized sample report to show your client.

With SiteSwan’s new Reputation Management feature, you can easily generate a free sample report for any of your clients in minutes, all from within the SiteSwan dashboard.
This sample report is a powerful selling tool and will help you illustrate the value of the service you are offering. Each report is personalized for the individual business location and provides a snapshot of their current online reputation including:
• Their Average Star Rating
• Total Number of Reviews
• Breakdown of Reviews by Star Rating
• Total Reviews by Source (Google, Yelp, Facebook)
• List of all Recent Reviews

Here’s a Tip!

Use the Sample Report along with the Sales Flyer to break the ice and start the conversation with the business owner about reputation management. Because this report is personalized for their business,  they’re going to want to see it – and will be impressed that you took the time to create a personalized report just for them.
Discuss the importance of maintaining a positive reputation, highlight the key features of the report and then describe the main features and benefits of the service you offer (see below).

Step 3 – Highlight some of the main features and benefits of subscribing to the service.

Armed with the sales flyer and a personalized sample report in hand, you’re now able to effectively sell reputation management services to business. Start by reviewing some of the key metrics in the report and then highlight the main features and benefits of subscribing to the service including:
✔ Review Monitoring
Easily track all of your online reviews from the top review sites including Google, Yelp, and Facebook so you can see what’s being said about your business online. 

✔ Automatic Email Notifications
Get notified of new reviews and how your business is performing with a daily report delivered right to your inbox.

✔ Get More 5-Star Reviews
The best way to increase your rating and get more 5-star reviews is by collecting reviews from your existing happy customers with our Review Request Form.
✔ Promote Positive Reviews
Promote your best reviews by sharing them and thanking customers on social media.
✔ Daily Reputation Reports
Our Reputation Management Reports give you powerful insight into key metrics such as your average star rating, total reviews, reviews by star rating and more.

✔ Respond to Reviews
Easily identify who, when and where reviews were added so you can respond to your customers in a timely manner.

✔ Deflect Negative Reviews
Help stop negative reviews before they hit the major search sites by allowing your customers to share their concerns directly and discreetly with you.

✔ Review Response Coach
Learn the best way to respond to customer reviews GOOD or BAD.

Step 4 – Close the sale and upgrade their account.

Now that you’ve educated the business owner, showed them a personalized sample report, and highlighted the benefits, it’s time to ask for the sale. Remember, you’re not just selling software – you are selling a solution to help your clients manage and improve their online reputation.
You can upgrade their account from your SiteSwan dashboard. We’ll automatically scan the web for new reviews every day, generate a new Reputation Report and deliver it to their inbox every morning, and grant them access to exclusive features like Social Sharing and the Review Request Form.
Now they will be able to keep track of what customers are saying about their business and improve their reputation.
How much should you charge for Reputation Management?
Most agencies charge anywhere from $39/mo – $199/mo depending on the client and the market. For example, if a client gets a lot of new reviews every month, the service is worth more to them.
It’s also more valuable for businesses who might not have a great star rating and are looking for an effective way to improve their online reputation. 
We’d love to hear what you think!
We hope you see the benefit of this new tool and offering Reputation Management services to your web design clients.
Please free to get in touch to let us know what you think or if you would like to learn more.

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