Rethink out of the Box

Things seem to be slowly moving in a new direction. Maybe your business just opened back up or you’re in the planning stages of reopening. At Rethink Media, we know that with the right resources you’ll be thriving in no time!

1. Stay connected with your customers.

  • 64% said brands should continue advertising products as normal.
  • 52% said seeing/hearing ads gives them a sense of normalcy.
  • 77% feel more positively about brands making an effort to support society in this time.
  • but only 7% of respondents said brands should continue using their normal brand tone of voice.

So keep your marketing strategy strong and your business heard! Your customers want to hear from you and any changes happening in your business.

2.Reach out to other businesses.

Your neighboring small businesses have been going through the same thing as you.

Some small businesses have even partnered together through this tough…

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Bringing All Media and Associations Together with Information, Ask Questions, Give and Get Answers and World-Class Training and Informational Site. WELCOME Hey there, Welcome to the community! The NCMA - National Community Media Alliance was established with you in mind. As a member of the community, you'll receive the information you need to build a powerful media brand. So, you now have a great resource to help you build the brand you’ve always wanted. NCMA is not an association, we support ALL associations, but an ALLIANCE of all media AND associations by providing information and data to help member's organization or media group. All Association Directors, Board Members, and Members are invited are to be active and be a voice to all members and future members. Our hope is to provide much needed valuable information to all. Now, over the next few days, be active in the Group…ask questions and answer questions. We ask that you be active and SHARE our group WITH OTHERS in your organization and your company. Take some time to review our posts and let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments. Again, let me say WELCOME ABOARD. I'm really, really excited to have you in our community.

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