Share Your Success: How to Stand Out and Take Your Career to the Next Level

Share Your Success How to Stand Out and Take Your Career to the Next Level

A strong work ethic and unwavering determination are critical components of any successful career, but what happens if no one notices all of the hard work that you put in every day?

If you want to solidify the upward mobility of your career, then it’s important to share your success consistently to ensure that you are the obvious choice the next time that a raise or promotion is on the table.

But how do you do this diplomatically? 

And how do you make sure that the right people notice?

This article will walk through a few reasons why it’s acceptable to celebrate your success, as well as provide some actionable advice on how to track and share your success without building resentment from your team.

It’s Ok to Brag, Tactfully.

Success is contagious. It builds upon itself and it leads people who follow it to a better place in their career.

However, if success is kept hidden from everyone else, then it simply won’t have the same effect. Despite what some might say, it’s actually ok to brag about your accomplishments – but just a little!

The key is to share your success in a diplomatic way that is inclusive of everyone who was involved in contributing to it. This also promotes a culture of building each other up which can help foster even more success in the long-term.

Celebrating success is important for a few reasons:

1. The reminder of Purpose and Direction

We all want to do something that makes a difference. We all want to know that our efforts and daily contributions in our work have an impact. Celebrating success is a great way to remind ourselves and our colleagues that the work that we do actually means something and wards off the monotony of the daily grind. It will also keep you motivated against your larger career goals!

2. Strengthen Your Team and Network

When you are on the outside looking in, you don’t see the daily struggle and challenges that other people face in their daily work. What you do see are the milestones and positive outcomes that manifest from that hard work. Celebrating success offers you a moment to name and recognize all the hard work and acts as a reminder of what happens when your team unites against a common goal.

3. Success Leads to More Success

Businesses typically have objectives that project much further than the daily output of any employee, but the reality is that no long-term growth plan can ever be achieved if the small wins aren’t made consistently. Celebrating success along the way helps to keep everyone on the same path towards the bigger objectives.

So what types of successes are important to share?

  • Hitting financial goals
  • Overcoming challenges or barriers to project success
  • Completing projects on time and in budget
  • Professional awards, recognitions, or nominations
  • Surpassing expectations or target results

How To Share Success Fairly and Get Noticed For It

In most employment settings, it’s rare that success is entirely the result of one individual. Typically, there is a team effort behind a successful project with multiple stakeholders adding in their own contribution.

Of course, if it was a one-person show, then, by all means, go ahead and share that success, but if you did work with others to achieve a goal, then you need to be careful not to steal someone else’s shine.

a business meetingThe best way to do this and to ensure that the right people notice your success is to be generous with sharing the credit.

When you are celebrating a success make sure that you recognize other people for their contribution, but also ensure that you are the one who is giving out that recognition. This will help keep your team strong and make everyone feel good about the accomplishments that you’ve achieved together. It will also position you as a leader and influencer on the team.

If you go as far as recognizing your managers or leadership team for their guidance in the project, this will also help them notice your successful contribution in a positive way without the risk of seeming like a braggart.

Strategies For Effectively Tracking and Sharing Your Success

Now that we understand why and how to share success in a professional setting, here is some actionable advice to help you track and share your success effectively.

Share Success Immediately

Success becomes less important with the more time that passes since it was achieved. Don’t wait to share your success – create the time to do it quickly after a goal has been hit. A simple message on your company’s favorite platform such as Slack or Microsoft Teams or a short email will do the trick, especially for celebrating smaller wins.

Use Your Calendar To Track Milestones

Projects usually come deadlines, so you can use your calendar to track your success by setting deadline reminders. When you hit a goal – celebrate that success with the team!

Use LinkedIn To Share Success

LinkedIn is the perfect tool for sharing your success and keeping a track record of all of your accomplishments. You can easily tag other people and your company’s leadership in your posts.

Keep Your Resume Up To Date

People typically only think about their resumes when it’s time to get a new job, but keeping it up to date will help you track your success and ensure you are prepared if you need to submit a resume to apply for an internal promotion.

Showcase Your Success Online

You may want to build a personal website or an online portfolio to showcase your success. It’s a strong way to organize your accomplishments and to illustrate a story of compounding success in your career.

What’s Next?

You should be proud of your success and never afraid to share it. No one else is going to tell your story for you, so ensure that you take note of your accomplishments and look for opportunities to share them.

That said, there’s an important balance to maintain. Don’t spend all of your time talking about how ‘successful’ you are because at some point the benefit of sharing that success will be eclipsed by how people actually perceive you as a person and as an employee.

Be honest, be fair, and share the credit with your team.


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