16 Questions to Ask Prospects and Customers Right Now

Questions to Ask Prospects and Customers

Here are questions you can use as-is, or adapt and modify.

And, be sure to talk to a person first, not an account or contact.


How are you doing personally right now?


How has this affected you?


How does this/the situation/the challenge make you feel?


How are your employees/colleagues doing?


What new challenges are you tasked with?


What positives are you seeing in all of this?


What’s your most urgent need right now?


What are your priorities right now?


What are the new challenges that the business is facing?


What new plans are in place?


How can we/I best be of service to you right now?


Is there anything I can do for you personally?


How are decisions now being made?


What changes are there regarding purchasing and budgets?


How do you evaluate new vendors? (For new prospects)


How else can I help?



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