5 Ways to Become the Best (Virtual) Version of Yourself 

5 Ways to Become the Best (Virtual) Version of Yourself



People everywhere are working from home right now, so we thought it would be helpful to offer some tips to help you stay productive as you work remotely. While it can be inconvenient at times, working from home doesn’t need to affect your performance. Getting used to your new home office will require some adjusting. Once you settle in, though, you’ll find that it isn’t much different than any other normal day. Let’s look at a few tips to help with the transition:

1. Find the perfect location. 

Work somewhere quiet and free of distractions. During this transition time, many people are doubling as babysitters and pet-sitters. It might not be as easy as it sounds for everyone, but finding a prime location to work is essential for a productive day. If you’re struggling to stay focused at home, close off an area of the house and seclude yourself as best you can. The more focused you are, the better results you’ll see each day.

2. Maintain your daily routine.

It won’t feel the same at first, but it’s helpful to set up your new workspace so it resembles your normal day-to-day environment. Wake up and get ready like any other typical day. Take a shower, get dressed, and look presentable. You don’t want to get caught with bedhead at your scheduled video meeting! Take a quick break to get some exercise and try not to indulge in too much television or social media. Set up your computer and monitors, have your agenda ready to go, and brew yourself a warm cup of coffee. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you need to create an entirely different routine.

3. Stay connected.

Take advantage of all the technology you have at your fingertips. Video conferencing is a great way to make your stay-at-home workday more personable. Utilize screen-sharing and instant messaging to stay well-connected with your team. There are tons of different ways to work in real-time without being physically present.

4. Get up and move!

Working from home doesn’t require you to sit in one place all day. You probably have routine breaks scheduled throughout the day. Whether it’s for lunch, a midday exercise break, or just a quick walk to clear your mind, we all have ways to stay refreshed during a normal workday. Take a few minutes to stretch or check-in with coworkers so you don’t burn out so quickly. It’s the key to staying productive, and you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.

5. Keep the culture alive. 

We care deeply about our company culture. It’s one of the biggest reasons we’ve found such great success. Do everything you can do to lighten the mood for your teammates during the day. Send each other some funny, work-appropriate GIFs in your spare time. Plan a daily call to catch up and give any updates that transpire throughout the day. It’s so important to maintain your company culture, especially within your own team!

Using these five simple tips will help you transition smoothly into your new, temporary workstyle. Nowadays, working from home doesn’t need to restrict how you do your work. It always takes some time to adjust to new changes, so settle in and be prepared, and your business won’t miss a single beat. Continue working hard and do your best to adjust to the new setup. Every day that passes, it will become easier and more natural.

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