The Ultimate Guide to getting started on Digital Transformation

The Ultimate Guide to getting started on Digital Transformation


With different digital channels arising, and more than 200 billion devices set to connected by 2020, the need to craft a digital transformation strategy is inevitable.

In our dynamic marketplace, how can we ‘meet’ our customers and yield positive results? Especially with the rise in competition, effectively attracting customers in the digital world is one of the winning factors.

Here are 3 steps to help you build a successful digital transformation:

  1. Build a strong and stable foundation

You have to start somewhere in order to bring upon change.

In the digital world, this means getting your organization priorities in check before embarking on a major transformation. Here are some tips to get you started before you take the plunge:

  1. A) Use a democratic instead of a hierarchical structure to engender professional empathy and prevent siloes – create a structure where you understand how your job affects your colleagues’ jobs and vice versa.
  2. B) Fail fast, fix and move on – Replacing past practices with new ones will take time. Try to accept that things might go wrong during your transformation; fix them and learn from your experiences.
  3. C) Be honest about your organization’s fundamental challenges – In order to transform your business digitally, you need to know what obstacles might stand between you and where you want to be.

2) Expand your Reach

There are so many ways you can reach so many customers. Rather than sticking to inbound or outbound marketing techniques, opt for an “all-bound marketing” strategy.

The internet is full of many things making it a challenge to give customers content how and when they want it. This is the very reason it is so important to be focused and targeted when trying to create value for a customer.

Finding that sweet spot that will draw your target market is pivotal because then you can create digital content that your customers want to see, and deliver it in a way that they best respond to.

3) Create World-Class Digital Experiences

Ask yourself questions like:

  • How can we differentiate from other competitors?
    • What makes our product or service worth buying?
    • How can we provide value to customers?

These will help you create differentiating factors that will set you apart from the rest because we’ve got to work even harder to attract our customers’ attention.

If we know our customers’ expectations, we can design accordingly, and build personalized and relevant products that people will want to use. Here are some tips that will be helpful:

  1. A) Trial and error – learning how to best win your customer over will take trial and error.
  2. B) Define your experience strategy – analyze your competition, talk to your stakeholders and develop personas to define your strategy. Creating a clearly defined strategy today will make it easier to adjust and tamper with as you move forward.

These 3 steps may seem like a lot of take in but the main message is to look for change. Be ready for it. Don’t keep working on the same strategy for many years ahead, the market changes, customer preferences change and the economy changes. To be successful, you have to adapt to change.

This is what we call digital transformation.


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