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USPS Bag Ad 2


Members that use the United States Postal Service to deliver their paper by the Marketing Mail method can qualify for a 2% immediate discount by participating in the 2020 EMERGING AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY PROMOTION from March 1st through the end of August.
You can download the specifics of this USPS promotion at; https://postalpro.usps.com/promotions/2020_emerging_advanced_tech
The first step for an interested publisher is to register at the USPS Gateway for participation in the promotion. https://gateway.usps.com/eAdmin/view/signin
Next, they must either create an Enhanced Augmented Reality Ad, or they may use the Attached ad from PaperChain, compliments of AFCP.
While this Buy Local Ad has been approved by the USPS for 2020 the postal service has made the following requirement; USPS must see all mail pieces that are applying for the promotional discount as pre-approval of the mailpiece by our office is a requirement for participation in the mail promotion. Please send us…

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