How to Quickly Align Your Management Team Around Objectives for Innovation By Michel van Hove



Studies have shown that creating alignment is one of the five most essential capabilities to increase return on your innovation effort (BCG, 2020). Despite this awareness, 56% of globally surveyed companies identify the alignment of innovation targets as a significant issue (PwC, 2017).

Organisations with complex product portfolios often find themselves struggling to align the leadership team around a set of commonly agreed targets for innovation. There might be a universally accepted strategy but a no alignment about how we should achieve those targets as one company.

Creating alignment does not have to be a massive effort

Fortunately, there is a way to reach alignment effectively and without launching a corporate-wide strategy or change management project. Within weeks you can create a stronger leadership team that share a common language and agree on what should be the focus and impact of innovation by answering theā€¦

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